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How Do I Pass a Drug Test

How to pass a drug test

How to go about passing a drug test is a question often asked by many. In the following drug test report, we'll go over various methods some have used to pass a drug test. Note, however, that this report is certainly not an endorsement, encouragement, or condone of the following methods to pass a drug test. This article is for entertainment purposes only.

First off, to help pass a drug test, it's best to stop any unwanted toxin exposure up to 48 hours before the drug test. There are many factors that influence the length of time required for drugs to be metabolized and excreted in the urine, thus allowing you to pass a drug test.

The most important thing to know in order to pass a drug test is the half-life of the drug. A drug's half-life refers to the length of time the body requires to reduce the amount of a given drug in the blood by one-half. In addition to half-life, every person's body is different, and the length of time drug metabolites are present in urine is influenced by the rate and efficiency of urine production, pH, fluid consumption patterns, the amount of drug taken and the length of time over which drug was consumed. Or, in simpleton terms, a drug half-life is how long a given drug will last in the body before being metabolized.

Without getting too technical, the fact remains that marijuana or actually, THC, is stored in fat cells. Participating in a regular exercise program may aid in boosting your metabolism and help flush out any unwanted toxins, thereby giving additional support to pass a drug test that comes down the path. It is important to focus on low impact cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, or bicycling so the exercise is more aerobic than anaerobic. Aerobic exercise burns far more fat, and therefore will aid one in pass a drug test screen. Then, stop exercising at least 48 hours before the drug testing date to avoid the rapid drug and toxin release that ceasing exercise may cause. Exercise is a major factor to pass a drug test.

Of course, a well-made multivitamin and mineral supplement will help replenish your body's reserves and electrolyte balance. An additional plus is that you get the benefit of a healthy-colored urine sample. Specifically, taking a good amount of B-Complex vitamins will help in providing a rich, golden color so a drug test specimen will likely pass the visual inspection.

Some may advocate the use of drinking vinegar, citing that it will mask drugs and help pass a drug test, but it doesn't. What vinegar does is lower the pH of urine. When urine is acidified, amphetamines are excreted up to 3 times as fast, so on paper, vinegar could reduce the detection time period for amphetamines. However, vinegar's effects on drug detection time are generally insignificant and thus aren't effective when it comes to using it to pass a drug test.

Another urban legend is that Goldenseal will help you pass a drug test. Simply put, Goldenseal doesn't work. To recap this report on how some pass a drug test, lets review the parameters:

  • Pass a drug test & drinking vinegar = No
  • Abstinence from drugs & pass a drug test = Yes
  • Taking Goldenseal to pass a drug test = No
  • Exercise regularly and drinking large amounts of water to pass a drug test = Yes, but partially.
  • Detox drug testing drinks and or a urine additive to pass a drug test = Yes, but not for lawfully administered drug tests or where prohibited.
  • Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test = Yes, without a doubt one of the most effective ways, but is not recommended for lawfully administered drug tests or where prohibited. Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test is outright illegal in some states.
  • Taking a multi-mineral & vitamin to pass a drug test = No, a mineral & vitamin complex always helps aid general health, metabolism, and urine color, but will not pass a drug test in and of itself.

In conclusion, abstinence is the only sure-fire way to pass a drug test.

Pass Any Drug Test

How can someone pass any drug test--not just a garden-variety drug test, but any drug test? There are a thousand different theories and practices used to pass any drug test. Many people try to hide or get rid of the drug metabolites in their body in order to pass any drug test, including the following tactics:

  • Of course, not using any banned drugs, which is the only true method to pass any drug test.
  • Pass any drug test by urine dilution.
  • Pass any drug test with a urine additive to mask toxins, also known as a urine adulterant.
  • Exercising, drinking additional fluid, and providing a sample in midstream is also used to pass any drug test.
  • Substitution of urine sample by using synthetic urine.

THC, or the byproduct of marijuana, is fat soluble and gets stored in your fat cells. It is very difficult to clean marijuana out of your fat tissue. Many herbal detox products claim to clean out your system, but they cannot completely get rid of the marijuana metabolites from fat cells. The most effective way to "boost" the metabolism of marijuana metabolites in fat tissue is to exercise. Of course, one may be ale to temporarily able to adjust marijuana metabolites from urine by drinking large amounts of liquids to alter the ratio of marijuana to urine. However, this method is partially effective. Exercise, on the other hand, may help provide the much needed boost, along with any of the aforementioned tactics, according to some reports about how to pass a drug test.

Creatinine & Pass Any Drug Test

If someone were to over saturate their body with water or other fluid, it might possibly dilute metabolites below the 50 ng/mL threshold, which would allow you to pass any drug test screen, but that depends on metabolism. Creatinine levels are often tested during a drug test panel, and those levels will show if the sample to be diluted and any test administrator will fail the drug test. Diluting the urine sample will also produce a clear urine with virtually no yellow color. Drug test administrators will assume that you may have diluted the urine sample and can reject it based on the color alone. A visual inspection, so to speak.

Diuretics & Pass Any Drug Test

If someone wants to try to pass any drug test by using diuretics, just remember that diuretics only speed up the process of urinalysis, or urinating. Coffee, cranberry juice, beer, iced tea, herbal tea, and sodas are all good diuretics, which technically could assist in some capacity to pass any drug test. Most drug test experts recommended to use diuretics without caffeine or alcohol because caffeine and alcohol may have negative side effects in some people. Cranberry juice is one of the cheapest diuretics available, but herbal diuretics have been found to do better than home remedies like juices. Goldenseal is a popular product used to pass any type of drug test, but the general consensus is Goldenseal does not work as an aid in passing a drug test.

Pass Any Drug Test & Urinalysis

If someone is trying to pass any drug test, reports indicate they'll remember to not give urine from their first urination of the day. It is too concentrated and can be full of drug metabolites. Instead, they'll urinate a couple of times before giving a drug test sample that will hopefully pass. Additionally, when providing a urine drug test sample, they will "catch" the sample during the midstream period.

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