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Passing a Drug Test

Golden Seal - This is a solid or liquid form of a root extract. The root supposedly has special properties to rid the body of harmful toxins. This might be true for some toxins, however Golden Seal does not rid the body of marijuana. How the false story of taking Golden Seal to pass a drug test got started is not known. There have been multiple scientific studies performed to confirm Golden Seal does not work at all.

Lots of people have passed drug tests after using Golden Seal and swear by it. These people were probably not big pot smokers. The Golden Seal did not help them out; it was the gallons of water they had to drink with Golden Seal. These people passed by simple dilution of their urine sample. They would have passed the drug test anyway by just drinking the gallons of water without the Golden Seal in it.

How to Prepare for a Marijuana Drug Test - Most people taking a drug test are concerned with marijuana because it stays in the body the longest. This is because the body stores the drug metabolite in the fat cells of the body. The short term and long term approach to cleaning the body for a marijuana drug test are exactly opposite.

Day 0 - 2 before the test- Stop smoking, eat large meals, no skipping meals, no exercising, no sugars fruits or fruit juices. This is the exact opposite of the steps above. If the marijuana is excreted the individual will test positive. At this point the tester does not want to excrete any marijuana but keep it all in their bodies. This is accomplished by preventing fat from burning. It is very simple; get rid of fat and fail your test. Therefore the tester must stop the body from burning fat by eating correctly and not exercising.

Days 2 - 30 before the test - Stop smoking, diet and exercise. These three steps which burn fat also rid the body of the marijuana metabolite. The marijuana metabolites are stored in the fat cells. To keep from testing positive the marijuana has to be removed from the fat cells in the body. It is very simple; get rid of fat and get rid of marijuana. The marijuana is then excreted through the urine and bowels. However, the future tester does not want to be excreting marijuana on the day of the test.

The Drug Test Myth

Passing a drug test is a hotly debated topic to be certain. If one looks below the surface, though, they'll find no defined opposition -- all parties are rather bipartisan with the same objective. That objective being, of course, how one goes about passing / beating a drug test. The inherent reason for the discourse within the debate can be blamed on numerous myths and fallacies about how one goes about passing a drug test. We're sure you've heard them all from sucking on two pennies to the more “acceptable” reasoning, such as Goldenseal drug testing dietary supplements.

Drug Testing Info Solution

In an attempt to help shed light on what works and what doesn't, we'll address each myth and concern herein with respect to passing your next drug test.

Known Drug Testing Myths:

  • Drinking water
  • Drinking pickle juice
  • Over-consumption of protein, fat and/or carbohydrates
  • Drinking cranberry or other fruit juices
  • Taking diuretics
  • Goldenseal
  • Exercise
  • Shaving scalp
  • Abnormally frequent urination

The truth about passing a drug test

First and foremost, some of the above-mentioned items are not to be dismissed entirely fore they are beneficial when used in conjunction with a multi-tiered strategy. However, when used on their own for passing a drug test, reports indicate they are not an effective drug testing solution.

The iron clad way to pass a drug test is to not consume drugs or other unwanted toxins, of course. This is a given, but perhaps is not inclusive of this report. We've found the best method for passing your test is one where several strategies are in place.

At BDTZone.com, our honest policy dictates statements such as the fact that we obviously promote the Detoxify line of products to assist in how to pass the test. With that said, there is a reason we chose Detoxify products over the few other drug testing solutions firms out there whom also market products for passing drug tests. What's the reason? Detoxify, by a very large margin, has an incredible reputation; a near ten year long track record of success in the upper 99 percentile; employs a stellar team from their R&D to shipping; and invests enormous resources in mainstream promotion and advancement of drug testing products designed — some with technology of near "space age" concepts — for customers to pass any drug test. Of importance, none of Detoxify's drug testing solution products effect specific gravity, pH level, color, temperature, or creatinine levels in a urine sample. Suffice it to say, we choose Detoxify; Detoxify didn't choose us, and we couldn't be happier with our relationship with them.

So, what's the point? The point is we recommend Detoxify products so anyone can pass any drug test — period.  We are also proponents of the individual quest for knowledge. If you have any doubts regarding Detoxify products, before you even think about purchasing, review the literature, product contents, policies, and decide for yourself. It is important to us here at BDTZone.com that you feel comfortable about your purchase. Our honest policy may not pay off overnight, but making a quick buck isn't our objective. The bottom line is learning how to pass a drug test is not a topic to be taken lightly. We are confident that after the individual research about passing your drug test is said and done, any would-be customer will return to us with confidence fulfilled, which history has shown time and time again. Furthermore, all Detoxify products are backed with a 200% double your money back guarantee.

Now that we've established the relationship between Detoxify drug testing products and passing a drug test, we've analyzed the concepts that do work when used in simultaneous fashion. You will find this detailed information listed with each detox product page .

Summary: How to pass your drug test

Adequate Water Intake

Drinking a respectable amount of water is essential in passing any drug test. There is no question that a diuretic effect will help bolster a negative drug test, but it's critical to compound these effective elements. Some recommend consuming at least two quarts of water per day, but this is entirely individual. Furthermore, drug testing technicians will analyze a urine sample for creatinine levels, which are directly influenced by water consumption. Note that all oral Clear Choice drug testing products contain creatine to help remedy this situation. You should always contact a licensed medical practitioner before starting any new dietary and/or exercise program. Over-consumption of water is potentially fatal.


Marijuana — THC specifically — is stored in fat cells, without getting overly technical. Engaging in a regular exercise program may aid in boosting ones metabolism, a bodily function that helps "push" any unwanted toxins through thereby giving additional support to pass any drug test that comes up. Its important to avoid resistance training during this prep period; rather, low impact cardiovascular exercise. Reports indicate around 45 minutes of cardio done on the morning before breakfast increases fat metabolism much more expeditious than alternative methods. A gym membership is not a requirement. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, or bicycling will suffice. Cease exercising at least 48 hours before the drug testing date to avoid the rapid toxin release that exercise yields.

Vitamin & Mineral Support

Not only will a well-made multivitamin and mineral supplement replenish your body's reserves, electrolyte balance, and additional support, you get the added benefit of a healthy-colored urine sample. Specifically, B-Complex vitamins are known for providing a rich, golden color.

Abstain from toxins

To help pass a drug test, its best to stop any unwanted toxin exposure up to 48 hours before a drug test. For random, unannounced drug tests, Spectrum Labs has two excellent drug testing products — Urine Luck urine additive, and the new, amazing Spectrum Lab's Quick Fix synthetic urine item.

Urinalysis Tips

To insure you pass your test, do not use the first urine of the day — preferably the third or later, and attempt to "catch" your sample in midstream so the first drops are not submitted.

Drug Test Backup

Passing a drug test is very important, and failing a drug test may lead to unwanted circumstances. Many clients prefer to test themselves using Drug Test Kit and the new 5 Panel Drug Test Kit Seems simple enough, and we agree. Our pricing plan is geared for just about anyone to afford home testing panels, available for several classes of drug detection with laboratory accuracy. If unsure of toxin status, a home urinalysis will detect any drug metabolites, which help determine if you will pass a drug test.

Spectrum Labs 

Using Spectrum Labs drug testing products is almost a given when the objective is to pass your test, but for very, very good reason. An insurance policy, in a way, to help maintain proper toxin level(s) as the drug test day arrives, which requires a more powerful product to pass the drug test. 

Pass any drug test: The Future

Thanks to new technological and research advances, little if any preparation is required, such as Spectrum Lab's new powdered urine product, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. With an unbeatable, unshakable 100% guarantee of effectiveness — greater than the 98-99% plus efficacy found in other  Spectrum Labs products — drug testing has entered a new era where preparation, quite frankly, isn't even a topic of debate, much less concern.  Passing a drug test is the gist of this report, but we must make it clear that all of the Spectrum Labs drug testing detox products sold on this website are not for illegal purposes.


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